2024 PWA Roadmap - Apple's New War With The Web...

So only days after posting about how I was done with the app stores due to their anticompetitive behavior, and switching entirely to the web and PWAs, apple sneaks in this zinger into their beta iOS version for the EU...

We'll have to see how things pan out, but it does make me nervous and felt like a punch in the gut to hear. However, on the other hand, I suspect that it's kind of a tell that Apple also has concerns about PWA's threatening their hold on the app store.

In the long run, I will continue to bet on the web. If Apple doesn't produce a mobile platform that aligns with my values, then so be it. Apple's mobile platforms shall get a compromised experience...

But if I had to trust my gut here, I'd guess that Apple is nervous about losing control. In the long run, I'm going to put my money on the EU to sort this out. So I will continue to skate where I anticipate the hockey puck will go.

Lazztech Hub Roadmap

Going forward all completed tasks have been removed along with any no longer relevant tasks. However, I'm pleased to see that most of the goals are still in place, despite no longer relying on the native app stores.

Noteworthy additions are a new PWA and the Open Source section of the roadmap.

  • PWA
    • 03-02-2024 ✅ Adjust banner color in manifest.json
    • 02-06-2024 ✅ iOS Safari navigation animation workaround
    • Review existing PWA best practices
    • PWA Install Prompt
    • iOS Open in PWA deep link workaround
    • Revisit caching and offline features
  • Ongoing bug fixes/improvements
    • URL & socials on profile
    • Chat URL on hub or event (discord, zello, etc)
    • Ghost mode
    • Download user details to contact book
    • Sync contacts to more easily find friends
    • In app feedback/bug reporting
  • Open Source
    • Support multi-server setup on client app
    • Document self-hosted backend server deployment
    • Market and solicit feedback on usability, contributions, and deployment
  • Media sharing
    • User tagging in media
    • Media explore page
  • Improve Onboarding
    • new guided walkthrough
  • Rework notifications
    • PWA Web Push Notifications
    • Fix duplicate notifications
    • Interactive notifications
    • Robust per Hub/Event notification preferences
    • Robust global notification preferences
    • Red notification count circle Will this work with PWAs?
    • Opt in check in / check out notifications
  • Publicly listed hubs & events
    • Search for public content
    • Filter public content by city/state