December 2022 - 2x install to user conversion rate & Lazztech Hub Roadmap 🗺

December 2022 - 2x install to user conversion rate & Lazztech Hub Roadmap 🗺

This end of year review is a great opportunity to reflect on the progress over 2022 with the Lazztech Hub App. It's been 8 months since releasing the app for iOS, 7 months since the Android open beta release on the play store, & 1 month since releasing the progressive web app. The Lazztech Hub app is now available on all major platforms, and there's been considerable progress in both feature additions & quality over this year.

I've began growing my user base, slowly but steadily. I've burned down dozens of feature requests and assembled a feedback based roadmap for where to take the development of the app in the future.

I'm looking forward to another year of growth and development to turn this into the most valuable community social gathering tool that I can build. I'm very excited to ship improvements and burn down the features on the roadmap at the bottom of this post.

Here's to a productive 2022, many excellent community events facilitated by the use of the Lazztech Hub app and to continued improvement in 2023 🎉

What's New?

Expedited user registration now requires just one button tap to get started when first installing the app. Users then can fill out the rest of their profile details on their own time.

Growth & Metrics

This month I've gone from 216 users to 266 users. Last month I talked about how one of the most significant issues I saw at the time was poor download to user conversion rate. At the time only about 2.5% of people who downloaded the app actually made an account and got to check out the rest of the app.

This month I re-worked the landing page to now have an expedited registration process that auto generates a user when they click the "get started" button on initial launch of the app. This has greatly improved the conversion rate and I'm seeing a significant increase in the number of new users this month. I'm now looking at about a 5.5% conversion rate from installs to new users.

Also this month I've gotten about 900 installs and this seems to be slowly but steadily growing each month.

iOS Last 30 Days
Android Last 30 days installs

Notably, over the months since launching the Android version we can see steady growth in the average installs which is encouraging.


This month I've started making some changes to the advertising. I've switched to an app campaign on google ads for the Android App. Below is a screenshot of the performance which appears to be at a similar cost to the Apple App Store campaign, though is on cost per click, vs cost per install, so not exactly comparable... I'll probably leave this one going.

The apple search ads still seem to be providing the best value at a $0.19 cost per install, vs other cost per click campaigns.

I've also tried a TikTok ad campaign though I wasn't able to get this one to perform. I think I may need to try tuning the ad bids...

What's Next? - Lazztech Hub Roadmap

I'm going to start the new year off with a roadmap of where I'd like to take the development and growth of the Lazztech Hub app. Below are the key feature categories and some details. I'll be communicating the status of this roadmap as development progresses and may make adjustments to the roadmap over time, though I expect the general outline will probably stay consistent.

I believe much of the roadmap below may likely be completed by this time next year. I'd like to continue to build out the features requested to continually make this a more valuable tool for facilitating community & gatherings.

Lazztech Hub Roadmap

  • finish events feature set
    • Events at hubs
    • Duplicate prior events
    • Add events to calendar
    • Import event from calendar
    • Sync with calander?
    • Invite based on existing events or hubs
    • Default end date for events to one hour after the start
    • Lock event time selection to 15 or 30 minute increments
    • Prefilled hub as location when creating an event from the hub page
  • Rework notifications
    • Fix duplicate notifications
    • Interactive notifications
  • Media sharing
    • Media sharing on hubs
    • Media sharing on events
    • User tagging in media
    • Media explore page
  • Publicly listed hubs & events
    • Search for public content
    • Filter public content by city/state
  • Ongoing bug fixes/improvements
    • Easier toggling of hub activity
    • Import contacts for easier inviting
    • In app feedback/bug reporting
    • URL & socials on profile
    • URL on hub or event
    • New lines in hub/event descriptions
    • Share user device battery level
    • Fix rounded corners on map card
    • Retina resolution on map tiles