February 2023 - Finished Hubs at Events & Improved Invites

What's New

This month was a bit of a slower one but delivered on two considerable features. Events at Hubs are now live and usable. Also, users can now invite other users based on filters such as per Hub they're an admin of, a member of, or per Event, they've created or been invited to. This allows users to more easily find & invite the group of people they'd like to their new community Hub or Event.

What's Upcoming

Good progress has been made this year both on the events feature set and improving the user invite functionality.

This month I think I'll be working on the two remaining features for Events, geofences & Min/Max capacity. I've also been continually thinking about how I can build out Hubs to make them as useful as possible for facilitating community gathering spots. This may result in some reworking of the roadmap in the upcoming months. I think this will include something along the lines of scheduled automation for Hubs and more communication tools for users and admins of Hubs.


Questions, feedback, or input are always welcome!

Here’s how to reach us! * @GianLazzarini on Twitter * @lazztech on Github
For questions or feedback please feel welcome to reach out via this contact link

Lazztech Hub Roadmap

  • finish events feature
    • 01-02-2023 ✅ Default end date for events to one hour after the start set
    • 01-02-2023 ✅ Lock event time selection to 15 or 30 minute increments
    • 01-04-2023 ✅ Duplicate prior events
    • 01-15-2023 ✅ Add events to calendar
    • 01-16-2023 ✅ Export calendar event ics web
    • 01-19-2023 ✅ Admin invitees (ability to remove invitees)
    • 02-22-2023 ✅ Events at hubs
    • 02-22-2023 ✅ Prefilled hub as location when creating an event from the hub page
    • Geofences at events for presence count
    • Min & Max event capacity
    • Sync with calendar?
      • canceled pending user research
    • Import event from calendar
      • canceled until I can validate that this would be used
  • Improve invites
    • 01-9-2023 ✅ QR invites
    • 01-12-2023 ✅ Alphabetize invite people section
    • 01-17-2023 ✅ Add search to people invite section
    • 02-02-2023 ✅ Invite everyone from an existing Hub or Event
    • Import contacts for easier inviting
      • canceled until I can validate that this would be used
  • Improve Onboarding
    • ✅ remove walkthrough slides
    • new guided walkthrough
  • Rework notifications
    • Fix duplicate notifications
    • Interactive notifications
    • Robust per Hub/Event notification preferences
    • Robust global notification preferences
    • Red notification count circle
    • Opt in check in / check out notifications
    • 01-17-2023 ✅ Minimize notifications to only the essentials
      • Hub activation
      • Hub invites
      • Event invites
  • Media sharing
    • Media sharing on hubs
    • Media sharing on events
    • User tagging in media
    • Media explore page
  • Publicly listed hubs & events
    • Search for public content
    • Filter public content by city/state
  • Ongoing bug fixes/improvements
    • Easier toggling of hub activity
    • In app feedback/bug reporting
    • URL & socials on profile
    • URL on hub or event
    • New lines in hub/event descriptions
    • Share user device battery level
    • Fix rounded corners on map card
    • "Automagic Check in / Check out" device setting status page
    • Share if user has geofences enabled for a given hub
    • Retina resolution on map tiles
      • canceled due to cost though may revisit later