Lazztech Hub App Winter Updates 🎄

Lazztech Hub App Winter Updates 🎄

Leo Lazzarini joining in development!

Leo Lazzarini, my brother, has joined in on the development effort. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has been working full-time and more on a career change. He has completed an extensive series of full-stack development courses along with additional self-directed learning and multiple portfolio projects.

Throughout this time he and I have spent the evenings & weekends working together through this experience. Over the past couple of months, he has become skilled up with the technologies used to build this app and has joined in on the software development effort.

He has taken several feature & bug tickets. It's been great to have him involved and I'm looking forward to the exciting developments he and I will be making.

His Github account is here if you'd like to check out his activity:

What's changed?

In the time since the initial public beta, we've made some changes. Some bug fixes, new features, & also some removals of features that were found to be a source of confusion for users. Here's a breakdown of these changes:

Bug Fixes

  • fixed android build for newer android versions
  • relative hub location presented on the add hub page

New Features

  • paginated infinite scroll on notifications page
  • CDN configured added for faster image loading
  • started implementing more thoughtful error messages
  • Bulk invite existing users common with your other hubs


  • micro chat removed
  • dark mode made default & removed dark/light toggle

Try the Android Beta

For the adventurous, feel free to try out the Android Beta for yourself by downloading the apk file directly & installing it.

Try the iOS Beta

The link below will direct you through the steps for installing Apple's Testflight app & installing the Lazztech Hub beta.

What's next?

Our primary focus is on getting the initial onboarding experience for new users to be as smooth & productive as possible. This includes making it easier to invite new or existing users to hubs. Along with this other bug fixes are to be expected.