Passed 1000 User Milestone 🎉 - March 2023 - Event Capacity Feature Launched

Passed 1000 User Milestone 🎉 - March 2023 - Event Capacity Feature Launched

We've passed the 1k userbase milestone! People all over the world are using the app to facilitate community by making Hubs and events. I'm looking forward to the upcoming 5k, 10k, and on, for user signup and adoption. With each new person, this project becomes more streamlined and the resulting feedback builds a better experience for everyone.

It's been a long grind and it's so beautiful to see continued adoption of this app. My friends, & family have been using it as a primary means of event planning and fostering community for months now, with many Hubs and many many events. Each new friend and community member has brought feedback and suggestions that's resulted in the continued refinement and growth of this tool.

This project is the result of many individuals exchanging, design, brainstorming sessions, beta testing, and companionship in the shared growth. I am so very grateful and thankful. I couldn't have done it without the support and kindness throughout this process.

I've had an experience recently that was really touching where I went to a party and reconnected with some old friends I hadn't seen in a while. As I caught up with them they told me about how they had already heard about the app and were excited to join. I helped them get set up; the process went smoothly from the many before who had helped me refine the experience. They then shared how it was exciting to have our own community social network and they thanked me for inviting them to join in.

This has become the tone of interactions about the app, people are excited to join and feel like part of the club. I think that's a good thing and an experience I want to continue to foster as a core quality of the app for all users. It should be a safe place for you and your community, there to help you at every step of the process in facilitating gatherings.

What's New

The event capacity feature has been released! You'll see an example screenshot of this feature in use for planning carpooling to a festival. This provides an incentive for members to RSVP and communicate with the host of the event as they have easy visibility in the capacity remaining as time goes by. This is also useful for situations like that festival where we had a designated parking spot for 1 car and a set number of seats remaining to offer. This is also a useful tool to make sure parties and gatherings don't grow out of hand and encourages interested guests to communicate as the capacity nears the limit.

Considerable backend refactoring to how files are managed has been implemented. This should go unnoticed by end users at this time. However, it resulted in the bug fix for broken shareable invite link preview images.

It also laid the groundwork for the media-sharing items on the roadmap below and I've been so very excited to get to that feature set. I've wanted to incorporate media sharing for some time now and I think it will bring a new quality to how this tool helps foster communities.

What's Upcoming

We're nearing completion of the core feature set on the current roadmap for Events. I think it would be wise to continue in finishing that off.

The next up will be media sharing functionality. I'm looking forward to providing a tool for everyone to be able to share their photos during and after events to be viewed by those that participated. I think this will also help provide a sense of history and foundation for community members to be reminded of their shared experiences together, along with the specific events and Hubs they occurred at; providing a view of the shared memories they have with each individual person they're connected with.

Lazztech Hub Roadmap

  • finish events feature
    • 03-25-2023 ✅ Min & Max event capacity
    • 02-22-2023 ✅ Events at hubs
    • 02-22-2023 ✅ Prefilled hub as location when creating an event from the hub page
    • 01-19-2023 ✅ Admin invitees (ability to remove invitees)
    • 01-16-2023 ✅ Export calendar event ics web
    • 01-15-2023 ✅ Add events to calendar
    • 01-04-2023 ✅ Duplicate prior events
    • 01-02-2023 ✅ Lock event time selection to 15 or 30 minute increments
    • 01-02-2023 ✅ Default end date for events to one hour after the start set
    • Geofences at events for presence count
    • Sync with calendar?
      • canceled pending user research
    • Import event from calendar
      • canceled until I can validate that this would be used
  • Improve invites
    • 02-02-2023 ✅ Invite everyone from an existing Hub or Event
    • 01-17-2023 ✅ Add search to people invite section
    • 01-12-2023 ✅ Alphabetize invite people section
    • 01-9-2023 ✅ QR invites
    • Import contacts for easier inviting
      • canceled until I can validate that this would be used
  • Improve Onboarding
    • ✅ remove walkthrough slides
    • new guided walkthrough
  • Rework notifications
    • 01-17-2023 ✅ Minimize notifications to only the essentials
      • Hub activation
      • Hub invites
      • Event invites
    • Fix duplicate notifications
    • Interactive notifications
    • Robust per Hub/Event notification preferences
    • Robust global notification preferences
    • Red notification count circle
    • Opt in check in / check out notifications
  • Media sharing
    • Media sharing on hubs
    • Media sharing on events
    • User tagging in media
    • Media explore page
  • Publicly listed hubs & events
    • Search for public content
    • Filter public content by city/state
  • Ongoing bug fixes/improvements
    • 03-25-2023 ✅ New lines in hub/event descriptions
    • Easier toggling of hub activity
    • In app feedback/bug reporting
    • URL & socials on profile
    • URL on hub or event
    • Share user device battery level
    • Fix rounded corners on map card
    • "Automagic Check in / Check out" device setting status page
    • Share if user has geofences enabled for a given hub
    • Retina resolution on map tiles
      • canceled due to cost though may revisit later