Product Announcement: Lazztech Hub

Product Announcement: Lazztech Hub

This is Lazztech Hub. A geolocation-based social app that I’ve been coding from scratch for about the past 2+ years. I’ve been working on it in the evenings and weekends, after my day job, so it’s been slow going. I’m doing everything I can to launch it in some capacity this summer so be on the lookout. I’m planning on sharing more regular updates going forward from this product announcement.

The app lets you share with other “hub” members when you are present at the hub’s physical location in the world.

I've put a lot of thought and care into the privacy considerations of how this app was designed. Users will only be able to see hubs on the map that they are a part of. Hubs are private and invite-only. Hub members will only be able to see when other members are either present or away from the hub, when the hub is active, as opposed to other services that just show all of your friends on a map at all times.

As a user, it’s meant to be a quick way to check what’s going on around you at your favorite gathering spots. As a host of a hub, it’s meant to foster gatherings by signaling when you’re available to gather at the space. This is done by sending out a notification to all hub members when a hub owner activates the hub.

For example bars, churches, community centers, workplaces, or your own home, could all be hubs. Due to the private, invite-only nature of the hubs, anyone could make any number of hubs at one given location, and invite only those they please to each individual one. So as a user, let’s say you frequent a local pool hall or something with your buddies. You could use this app to make a private group just for you and your friends at that spot.