September 2022 🍂 - Shareable Deeplinks & Approaching 200 Users

September 2022 🍂 - Shareable Deeplinks & Approaching 200 Users

Growth & Metrics

Growth continues to be on an upwards trend. Last month I broke the 100 user signup mark & spoke too soon when posting the update, the growth continued from ~80 to 137 in August. We're currently sitting at 180 as I write this.

Going forward I'd like to be more data-driven in how I report on this in these monthly updates and speak to the metrics available to me.

The Android metrics available through the google play console are a bit new to me and I've found it to be challenging to parse through. However above I've included a screenshot of the installs from the past 30 days. We can see that we're hovering around the ~19 installs a day mark.

The iOS analytics page I find to be a bit more helpful with its overview dashboard. Here we're seeing similar results at a few hundred installs a month & an upward trend at that.

This is incredibly exciting and shows one clear piece of information to me. There seems to be a huge drop-off between install and user signup. This is something I'd like to address by making the signup process as painless as possible.

Going forward I'd like to also start focusing on monthly/daily active user metrics & try to start tying that to the updates shipped.


I have the two following ad campaigns running that have been going for the past few months and seem to be performing alright.

What's New?

shareable deep links

You can now share a link to either a Hub or an Event & the URL will be associated with the App. If the app is installed it will open on the app, if not, then it will direct the user to install the app on

Fixed Android Background Check-in

This is still being tested though I believe the issues with background check-in on Android have been resolved.

Bug fixes & Maintenance

  • Fixed issue with backend limiting length of descriptions for Hubs & Events
  • Updated software dependency versions
  • Minor version patches to fix security warnings

What's Next?

  • Notification preferences
  • Media sharing for communities & events
  • Events at Hubs
  • 3rd Party Sign In (Apple/Google/Microsoft)
  • Progressive Web App?