Summer 2018 was my first Toorcamp experience. I’d first read about it back in 2010 when they’d originally hosted the event in an abandoned missile silo and had intended to go since. I’m there on the right wearing my worn-out “Hacker” from one of my first HackerNews Meetup events. It seems like fitting attire for the event and community.

I was invited with the StudentRND crew via Tyler Menezes(to the right of me by the podium) who was given an invitation to come along with bringing a number of others to facilitate in representing SRND and Codeday. All of this was graciously provided through David and Danielle Hulton the founders of the event and owners of the local community loved Ada’s technical books and cafe.

Tyler, the Executive Directory of SRND/CodeDay had prepared a speech about social engineering in communities to facilitate engaging them with tech education. This includes approaches to increasing the adoption of technology engineering subjects in underrepresented demographics. This is the mission behind the community and CodeDay events.

Towards the end of the event, all of us gave some supporting words about the community effort and our lessons learned.

I spoke about my experience with the SRND community and the effects it’s had on my furthered technology engagement. I also touched on some of the lessons I’d learned from facilitating in prior CodeDay events, mentoring, and some positive stories from deploying at the last CodeDay Eastside @ T-Mobile.

Overall I had a fantastic time and made new tech connections I may have not otherwise along with strengthening those that I’d already had by going to the group I did and running into an old friend.